Friday Mocktails // 14.01.19

And she wasn't scared or nervous.

Just like cool water sliding down river banks
through leaves and
under rocks.

All her lovers sat surrounding bathed in most moody light,
her brilliant flower garden of visceral courage
floating like bright fireflies in the dark.

Neither feeling wrong nor right.

Just enveloped in an easy calm
state of Being in between
time and space.

Memories carefully nestled amid leather bound books,
these moments the sweeter to savour for they too
fall away in skies magnificent and deadly.

I was happy in the summer. I hope to be happy always. Why is such simple pleasure sometimes the hardest to attain, retain, maintain?
Imperfect beauty lives in the Friday just passed. I loved last Friday: both day and night. It started in my boyfriend's room, my warm body sandwiched within, around and amongst his, a most primitive and innocent comfort. He awoke as in a daze, slowly and delicately blinking the slumber away with perfectly black feather lashes. With sleepy ey…

Book Review: After the Lights Go Out // 8.01.19

"He's standing perfectly still by the billabong, his face turned up to the sky. I follow his gaze, and I switch off the torch, my breath catching in my throat. The sky is on fire.

It's been forever since the last time I wrote a full review for a book that I've read! I thought my book (blog) reviewing days were over, but after finishing my fourth book one week into the new year I cannot still my head. After the Lights Go Out was utter brilliance, but I didn't expect anything less than stellar storytelling from such a well-established writer  as Lili Wilkinson.

After their mother leaves, eldest daughter Prudence "Pru", twin sisters Grace and Blythe, and their father Rick transplant their lives from the comforts of the city to a rural mining town in Australia. Pru has always thought their father was a little bit eccentric; he spends all of his spare time preparing and maintaining The Paddoc…

We children // 05.01.19

We children
Can see more than they think,

We drown every single day in high seas
Amid all the cardboard ships that sail away,
And the plastic jellyfish and clams
Whose black pearls have rotted to dust,

We children
Wave dusty hands in front of us,

We blink back the clutter and debris
That wash up along feral sandy shores,
Breathe it all to disappearing so our toes
Can touch the ground without breaking,

We children
Believe the world could be more,

We dream of one day meeting
All the empty spaces at ocean's bottom,
To hold the arms of another without remorse
Or hesitation of being judged for bad habits,

We children
Seek mermaids amongst the dugongs,

We hunt inside dark sunken ships
With ravenous wanting to find something else,
In rusted treasure chests that store only fool's gold
Bringing new meaning to the word, home.

There is simply too much stuff, and it is overwhelming, so I had to take a break, and my mother has thrown herself into selling branded clothing that she buys for cheap, so there ar…

Stream // 04.01.19

Before she met him,
The belly button did not know that her true
Purpose in life was to be filled
Up in such ways,
Along valleys
In streams
Where strange waters flowed over
The barren hilltops with delicate ease.

After the feasting,
All the songbirds flew in collective unison
To the beat of her thrumming heart
With womanly waiting,
Watching time
Slow down
In the lonely wispy woods
Between broken spines of forgotten trees.

She laughed aloud,
Wondering what havoc could be wrought
If only she could run into the night
Inside fiery lanterns,
Deep within lies
The coquette
Whose scream could summon gods and
Carry great waves that crash into the breeze.

He simply stared,
Mesmerised that beauties undefined should
Play carelessly with furry creatures
Among the wolves,
Every whistle
Casts lewd spells
Turning trembling fingers into sand
As she bows her head down to her knees.


One// I am grateful to be able to just be in my room after one hour of sleep after having done my second night shift, and he is there and it is perfect,…

Nineteen // 01.01.19

大塚 愛 - 金魚花火 (Live)
his love smells like summer rain, and pink roses freshly kissed by tear-stained eyes;
she runs barefoot this uphill struggle and forgets to look behind to see to breathe the night air as she knows he knows all her missing pieces-- "can this be salvaged?", "I can see through your lies"
wine glasses clink as faces light up, and laughter surrounds the two but still she weeps;
the world has turned shades bright and stormy and the blackness tears its way into couples' firm hold as he holds her body, always holding-- "I love you", "...I don't want to declutter you"
her dirty feet carry the weight of this dress, distress regressing while lightly damp fabric dries;
goldfish fireworks (金魚花火) illuminate the harbour in fiery clouds of stardust and moonlight in all the warm colours reflected in crowded streets far from home-- fallen girls must once again rise
It only seems fitting for a crazy girl like me to have met such a dramatic end to a dram…